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  • Knowledge Quest – Discover the first banned books – The ApocryphA through our research library and resources
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Our goal is to begin photography on ApocryphA in 2024. The budget for production of this limited series (3 episodes) is $9M. These funds will be financed through Founder and Audience Contributions, Distribution Advances, Tax Credits, and Government Grants.

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What Do My Contributions Pay For?

What am I buying?

Salaries for writers, producers, actors, crew, accountants fees, legal fees, and promotion fees to produce and distribute ApocryphA – Season I (3 episodes). 

Progress towards our goal:  

$  45,407  

How Is My Contribution Distributed?

Where does my money go?

Apiary InterMedia receives your contribution, net of any payment processing fees and HST. 

  • 10% is retained for Administration purposes.
  • 30% is retained by Apiary InterMedia for operations and promotions via
  • 60% is placed in Escrow for the production of ApocryphA, Season I until the budget has been met, and we begin photography.

30% donated to support non-profit organizations

A third of profits derived from the commercialization of and ApocryphA, are donated to support non-profit organizations serving marginalized communities.

How Much Can I Contribute?

We welcome any amount of contribution.  Due to banking and payment processing fees, we cannot accept contributions under $5.

Are Contributions Tax Deductible?

NO.  Contributions are NOT tax deductible, and are subject to 13% HST.