The ApocryphA Why Mary Magdalene? Why Now?

Why Mary Magdalene? Why Now?

The Jesus story you know, is only half the truth.  Mary Magdalene is more than just the sinner she’s been playing between the lines of bible pages for 2000 years: she’s the person who raised him from the dead.

She needs YOU to bring her voice to life.

The Christian story has been dominated by its male namesake since its inception. Setting aside his dubious claim of virginal birth; Jesus’ character’s only claim to notoriety was that he rose from the dead, and the only reason that is so is because [JOIN TO READ MORE] proclaimed his resurrection.  Witnessed it first, shared the “news”, and stuck to her version of the story.

Yes, it was him she saw in the garden, No, she’s not hallucinating or crazy, she’s telling the truth.  The man she knew in life as Jesus, the man she and multitudes of others witnessed hanging from a cross only days before, that man was walking around, dressed in gardeners clothes; he is the one she saw that morning.

On her testimony, an entire movement was born, one that celebrates the divinity (or the divine possibility) in man, and one that isolates and demeans women as singly “virgins” or “whores”, who’s only divinity comes by redemption… from men.

Not anymore it doesn’t.

Redeem Her is a campaign to reclaim the feminine narrative in the popular Bible story.  Aren’t you tired of meeting the same saintly Jesus everywhere you turn?  The one that promises redemption if you will only follow him?  Promote him?  Finance him?  

Buy his merch?

I am inviting you on a journey to discover the very real roles women played in the bible narrative… the “mouths” in his “word of mouth” campaign.  The ones spreading the word.

By reverse engineering the psychology of the characters in the bible narrative, and considering the world they lived in, strife with violence, political unrest, primitive living conditions, and extremes of ideologies that left sands soaked in blood, we will encounter a woman whose faith was, and still is, tested to the extreme. 

No longer content to lay resting, awaiting her turn to speak, Mary Magdalene resurrects herself in this alternative telling of the Jesus story.

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Thank you!

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