Reclaim the female perspective in the bible .

Redeem Her is an Interactive Digital Media project which aims to reclaim the feminine perspective lacking in the popular bible narrative perpetuated in popular media; which dominates the Christian psyche.

The Jesus story you know isn’t the whole truth.  Mary Magdalene is more than just the repentant sinner she’s been playing between the pages of the bible for 2000 years; she’s the person who raised Jesus from the dead in our consciousness. 

through the production of the first ever drama series exploring the ApocryphA; the earliest banned books; Redeem Her shines a light on the truth that has been hiding in plain sight for millennia:  Christendom was founded on the testimony of a woman, the apostle Jesus loved most:  Mary Magdalene.  

Had Mary not recognized Him, and stuck to her story, Christianity never would have existed.  

The Series

Based on the earliest books ever banned, ApocryphA is the first ever serial dramatization of the perspectives contained in these illicit pages. This limited historical drama tells the story that emerges when one applies the information in those forbidden books to fill in the gaps in the popular bible story.  We see the truth hiding in plain sight: the Christian movement was born of the testimony of a woman, not a man.

The Quest to Question

Did you know there are hundreds of gospels that aren’t included in the Bible?  These excluded gospels shed unique insights into the Jesus story, and offer us alternative perspectives on his life, his movement, and the impact his story has had on the last 2000 years of our world’s history.

In this research journey, we share our knowledge of these books, and the research that led to the development of the AprocryphA series narrative.  A thought provoking compendium of the video research, texts, and academic interpretation from around the world.  Experts who have studied these texts, will guide us in finding their meaning. 

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The Jesus story you know, is only half the truth.  Mary Magdalene is more than just the sinner she’s been playing between the lines of bible pages for 2000 years: she’s the person who raised him from the dead.

She needs YOU to bring her voice to life.